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SpaceBusiness Plan

Who: First-time entrepreneurs that need help transforming their business idea into a business plan.

What: A free business planning class. Up to 50 entrepreneurs will receive free business planning classes per quarter.

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Who: Business with a great business plan or a track record of success that are searching for space.

What: Business will receive 1:1 match making with the top 25 properties in the Building Track. Businesses will also benefit from expert guidance on leasing, financing planning and assessing market opportunities. Up to 25 businesses will receive this award.

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Who: Business owners and their landlords who have recently signed a lease but need help planning building renovations and tenant improvements.

What: These participants will receive design assistance from a professional architect as well as priority permitting. The architect will provide construction documents, while the Motor City Match team facilitates priority permitting, connections to Detroit builders, and financial planning assistance. Up to seven business owners and their landlords will receive Design awards per quarter.

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Who: Business owners that have a location secured, a plan for build-out and strong understanding of the money needed to complete their project prior to opening for business.

What: Business owners and their landlord will have the opportunity to apply to Motor City Match lending partners for project financing. If there are gaps in financing, applicants will be considered for grants that are paid on a reimbursement basis. Up to 10 grants awards will be issued per round for a total of $500,000 to both building and business owners. Maximum grant awards are $100,000 per project.

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