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The Business Track is for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand in Detroit. Whether you have an idea, are looking for space to lease, are ready to renovate a space, or opening an additional location there are resources available to help your business open and thrive.

Applications and Award Dates

Applications are made available on a quarterly basis and are open for 30 days. Applicants will be notified of award status   within 90 days of application closing. Details and dates regarding upcoming rounds of applications will be forthcoming.

How it works

1.  Select the correct application track for your current business stage.

The program is designed to offer assistance depending on where you are in the business development process.  There are four “tracks” for Business Owners – Business Plan, Space, Design and Cash. Check out our Business Owner Tracks for information on requirements to apply for each award level.

Since the competitiveness of the program increases with each track, business owners are advised to apply for the lowest applicable track and to progress through the awards in order to present the most complete and strongest application for grant awards.

2. Apply online or via printed application.

Printed applications are available at the office of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation at 500 Griswold Street Suite 2200, Detroit, MI 48226. Applicants may apply as a Business Owner, a Building Owner, or both.  For Business Owners, the Motor City Match assists:

– Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop a business idea and find a location in Detroit.
– Existing businesses currently operating online, from home or on a temporary basis who would like to open a brick and mortar location in Detroit.
– Existing businesses looking to open an additional location in Detroit.

3. Win an award, or apply again.

Awards are selected by the end of each quarter. Applicants will be notified via email of their award status. If your business is not awarded, you may continue to re-apply for the same award level or, if applicable, move forward to apply for another award.


Business must locate in the city for at least two years and demonstrate a benefit to the community, as outlined in program guidelines.

Business owners who are awarded may continue to compete for higher assistance levels in following application quarters, but may only apply for one award track each quarter.

Business owners who own multiple companies may apply to the program for one business only.

Franchise businesses and non-profit business are not eligible to apply.

Review our Program Guidelines for additional information about eligibility.



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