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Search our “Make a Match” Map to find a home for your new business. We list currently vacant Detroit properties seeking a lease(s) with new business tenants. Find your match now!

The “Make a Match” Map features Detroit properties awarded by Motor City Match. Buildings are selected and scored based on information submitted on the application, a report on building conditions, and scoring from Motor City Match committee members.

Use Search Criteria to Find Your Match

  1. Click the plus sign (+) next to Filters.
  2. Next, select the boxes next to the Council District, Square Footage, Type of Building, and Tenant Capacity that will suit your business.
  3. Then, hit the Search button.
  4. Search results appear as icons on the map, ten (10) properties at a time. Each listing has contact information for the property, a photo from the street and a link to a summary condition report.
  5. Click through the pages of search results to see the properties that meet your selected criteria.


Some Notes on Making a Match

  • Building Owner Contacts Property listings include an email address for the building owner or their representative. Please include “MCM” and the property address in the email subject line when contacting property owners. Also,  cc: on all communications.
  • Leases We strongly recommend that a business should sign a letter of intent (LOI) in advance of signing a lease. A letter of intent (LOI) is a non-binding agreement that can be ended by either party at any time. A lease is a binding legal agreement with a set termVerify all information with your own legal counsel, contractors and financial advisers before signing a lease;   An LOI meets “match” requirements for the Motor City Match program. Sample LOI and lease templates are available on the resource section of the Motor City Match website.
  • Change of Use When a property changes business tenants, the proposed new use of a property may be different than the existing legal use of a property. This may affect the time, permitting and building code requirements for the renovation/build-out of a property. Contact the City of Detroit Zoning office, zoning map or the MCM team for additional information.

Cash Awards for Building Owners

Building owners and business owners are considered for awards if they apply for, and are deemed eligible, for the program. Furthermore, to qualify for “Design” award or “Cash” grant/financing awards, both the business owner and the building owners must be Motor City Match applicants. Lastly, building owners must have a “Top 50” property and provide a quarterly update to their map listing.

Matches with Non-MCM Buildings

You found the perfect space or tenant but not through the Motor City Match process. And you want to compete cash awards. That’s ok! Just have your landlord or tenant submit an application at

Legal Stuff about the Map

Click HERE to read the terms and conditions regarding use of the “Make a Match” map.

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