Dream It. Do It. Detroit.

You have a dream. You have vision. You have drive. You want to define your legacy and shape the future of a great American city in the process. You don’t wait for opportunities, you create them. You’re attracted to big challenges and you’re not afraid to fail. You push. You thrive. You redefine. You persevere.

You are a small business owner. You are Detroit.

What We Do

Motor City Match helps businesses locate and thrive in Detroit

We help match the best businesses from the city, and around the world, with Detroit’s best available real estate.

We provide competitive grants, loans and technical assistance to help building and business owners realize their dreams in Detroit.

How We Do It

Motor City Match offers two application tracks:

  • The Building Owner Track is for Detroit property owners with a vacant space looking for quality new tenants.
  • The Business Owner Track is for businesses from Detroit and around the world that are looking to start or expand in Detroit.

Within each application track, building and business owners apply for competitive financial assistance and support services to help them through build-out and startup.

Idea to Open

Each quarter starting in Q3 of 2015, we’ll provide $500,000 in matching grants to help you realize your dream. We won’t stop there. Each year, we’ll provide an additional $1 million in small business and construction loans and $1 million in support services to help you get open for business.