Design Track

Develop the design and layout of your future commercial business location. Follow the blueprint of your retail space towards the stages of implementation and opening.
Round 27 Applications will open from March 1st through April 1st, 2024.
Who Can Apply?

New businesses with a location in Detroit that need architectural design, engineering, and pre-construction services

What is the goal of the track?
  • Complete design drawings appropriate for the project
  • Finalize budget and identify funding sources
How We Do It
  • Design, permitting, and budgeting workshops
  • Match with Architecture/ Design firm to create project scope and project design
  • Additional financial planning technical assistance
  • Introductions to banks and non-traditional lending partners
Navigate Construction Protocols

Entrepreneur Seminars

Every Design awardee will have the opportunity to attend seminars which will train them to receive accurate construction bids, navigate city permitting processes, secure financing and structure project budgeting.

Receiving Architectural Drawings

Technical Assistance

Design awardee technical assistance support will cover the costs of professional architectural drawings and construction specifications from a pre-approved professional/firm.

Preparing for Financing

Updating Project Budget

Based upon architectural drawings, Design awardees will work with their track manager to update their project budget, business plan and financial statements in order to reflect the required construction costs and timeline.


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Design Services - Open Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not available for seminars?

  • If you are unable to attend virtual classes, please inform the track manager.
  • Arrangements will be made to provide every awardee with a chance to receive guidance through the development and writing of their business plan and financial statements

Am I able to retake the business planning class?

  • Design awardees who would like to take or retake the Motor City Match business plan writing class are welcome to do so.
  • Awardees are also welcome to submit existing business plans and financial statements for review and critique.

What is the financial value of my technical assistance award?

The Motor City Match Design Track asks awardees to finalize a scope of work for their project, then evaluate proposals from pre-approved Design providers. There is no set dollar value to architectural, design, engineering or technical assistance for Design Track awardees. Services will be made available based on the scope of the project and the unique goals of each business.

Can non-awardees still take MCM's business planning class?

  • Non-awardees are not currently able to attend the Motor City Match business planning classes or seminars
  • Our syllabus and course materials will be available online for self-guided learning by Q2 2022.
  • Review our resources page in order to connect with business plan class providers, business plan and financial statements, and much more.