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Pre-bid conferences will be held on the following days and times:

All submissions shall comply with the relevant federal funding guidelines, as described in the Bid Packet. Each submission must demonstrate its ability to obtain a Corporate Clearance from the City of Detroit as a condition of award ability.
Technical Assistance

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Monday, April 15, 2024
11:00 am
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Architectural Design & Engineering Services:

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Tuesday, April 16 2024
12:00 pm
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The Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit (the “EDC”) is soliciting qualifications for professional services firms and/or vendors to provide small business technical assistance for the Detroit Small Business Launcher Program, as known as the Motor City Match Program (the “Program”), projects taking place across the city of Detroit.


Qualification as a TA Provider pursuant to this RFQ will expire on June 30, 2025.
Requested General TA Services
  • Legal Services
  • Accounting and Financial Planning Services
  • Marketing and Branding Services
  • Business Planning & Business Consulting
  • Technology Services
  • Pre-Construction Services & Project Management
Requested Architectural Services
  • Architecture and design services
  • Building condition assessments
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Permitting and zoning review
  • Project estimates
  • Project management
  • Building permitting
  • Construction administration
  • Energy Efficiency / Green Building Practices
Helping Businesses to Scale

Technical Assistance Provider RFQ

Businesses that apply to become an MCM Technical Assistance service provider must submit scopes of work and rates for specific services in the specified business service categories

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Helping Ideas Take Shape

Design & Architectural Service Providers

Business that apply to become and MCM Design & Architectural Service Provider must submit proof of qualifications and examples of completed work. Design awardees solicit bids from qualified providers based on the scope of work specific to their project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would a list of our proposed team's hourly rates satisfy the required "Cost of Services Provided" bullet listed under "Fees and Expenses" on page 5 of the RFQ for Architectural Design & Engineering Services? Without knowing the exact scope, deliverables, and timeframe of any given project, it is very unlikely we can provide an accurate fee percentage or lump sum cost.

Answer: Your teams’ hourly rates and service fees are both required information. Services must have a baseline fee structure. However, because each project is different, it is most likely that a final determination will be submitted once the service provider and awardee have designed an ideal project proposal.

Question: Please clarify what is required for “estimated timeline of completion, and final deliverables to be provided to Awardees” listed within the first sub-bullet under “4. RFQ Submission Requirements” on page 4 of the RFQ for Architectural Design & Engineering Services. Without knowing the exact scope and timeframe of any specific given project, it is difficult to provide an accurate timeline for completion and an accurate list of expected deliverables to be provided to Awardees.

Answer:An estimated timeline gives us a general idea of how long the service will take. We understand that projects are different for each business owner (awardee), and it will be simple to adjust the proposal to fit the needs of the project, instead of not having this information at all. MCM prefers to give each awardee a baseline of what to expect and that is why this is needed upfront. Also, when work is completed final deliverables must be submitted to MCM and the awardee, this is proof that work was completed.

Question: I am just about to start our application for this Round of MCM as a TA provider and I wanted to ask you if the Scope of Services needs to be exhaustive or just a sample of the type of work we provide? I know some of the DEGC programs in the past required this to be a full list of services, otherwise upon acceptance any additional services wouldn't be allowable, so I just want to be sure I'm covering all my bases!

Answer: All Scope of Work (SOW) submissions with each RFQ application must have a completed list of all the services your company is willing to provide to our Business Awardees.  Your service list should include a detailed description of deliverables, timeline, hourly rate, and or fixed cost.

Question: I appreciate all the information provided, and I want to make sure that I am filling out the correct application(s). Could you kindly confirm if there is only one application, which is Motor City Match, or if I need to fill out separate applications for DEGC and Detroit Mean Business?

Answer: Motor City Match (MCM) and Detroit Means Business (DMB) are both programs under the umbrella of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC). The RFQ that is currently accepting applications for Service Providers is MCM. If you wish to apply to work for MCM you will need to fill out an application using the link below that best fits your business structure.

Technical Assistance Services:

Architectural Design & Engineering Services:

*Please note that it is required to set up a login account to access both applications in Submittable.

Question: I offer business consulting and legal services, and I am not sure if I need to complete two separate applications for them?

Answer: Submittable allows you to list each service your business offers in one application. You must select the category and then subcategory that best matches what you offer, for example, category: Legal and the subcategory: Lease Review. Please give a detailed description of the service you provide, timeline, hourly rate, or fixed cost.

Question: Since I am the owner and only employee of my company I am not required by federal or state law to carry Commercial General Liability, Workers Compensation Insurance, and/or Automobile Liability Insurance beyond what is need for personal use. With that all said will I still need to provide this insurance if awarded to be part of the program? If required, can I simply write a narrative to submit with the application that I will obtain all the required insurance once awarded and prior to the commencement of work as this would be an added cost upfront that would not be needed for my firm if not awarded?

Answer: General Liability is a required insurance for ALL approved service providers working in our Motor City Match program. Please note Workers Compensation and Automobile Liability are not required if it is not necessary when helping our business awardees. We will provide a waiver for you to fill out if you are approved. Please note that it is not required to have business insurance to apply. However, if a business awardee selects your company for service (if you are accepted into our program as a service provider), then you must submit the required insurance information and it must have the required limits as well as additional insurers.

Question: The last section of the RFQ asks the following two questions: 1. I would like to be listed on the Motor City Match (MCM) website. 2. I would NOT like to be listed publicly. I am responding to this RFQ in hopes of working with a specific program awardee. Can you please advise what the difference is between these two and why one would not wish to be on the MCM website?

Answer: Some of our service providers do not want to be listed on the website because they only want to service the business awardees in the program. It is the right of any approved service provider if they want to be referenced on our website, this is not a requirement from Motor City Match.